Q. How do I update the meetings list? A. Go to our meetings page, click here. Here you will find a step by step guide on how to add/edit a meeting. If you're still having problems contact [email protected]

Q. How do I update the events list? A. Go to our events page, click here. Here you will find a step by step guide on how to add/edit an event. If you're still having problems contact [email protected]

Q. Where can I obtain literature? A. Literature can be purchased from the UK Service Office. click here. There are also some leaflets etc available for free download, these can be found here or here.

Q. How can I contact the UK Service Office? A.The UKSO can be contacted via email at [email protected] by phoning 020 7251 4007 or in writing to UKSO, Derby House, 12 Winckley Square, Preston PR1 3JJ

Q. Can I purchase literature in languages other than English? A. NA has lot's of literature avilable in many different languages. These can be purchased from our European Service Office, click here. There are also some leaflets etc available for free download, these can be found here.

Q. Can you help me find a sponsor? A. Unfortunately, we don’t hold lists of members. We would suggest attending some local meetings and start getting to know some members. Meetings Lists can be found here. Our sponsorship leaflet might help in your search. click here.

Q. How can I serve at Area level? A.A list of all Areas and their service meetings can be found on our website. click here.

Q. How can I serve at Regional level? A. A list of all Region committees and their meetings can be found on our website. click here.

Q. How can I subscribe to the daily JFT and SPAD readings? A. You can subscribe via the NAWs website. JFT click here. SPAD click here. If you wish to unsubscribe please contact [email protected]

Q. Is NA a Charity? A. No. NA doesn’t qualify as a registered charity. This would require us to accept any donations offered, and we can only accept contributions from our members. We usually describe ourselves as a charitable organisation.

Q. How can i make financial contributions? A. There are many ways to make financial contributions. At physical meetings when they pass the "pot". To the UK fellowship via our website, click here. Or direct to NA World Services, click here.

Q. How can I get a UKNA email address? A. To obtain a UKNA email address or to reset your password, please contact [email protected]

Q. Do we have a safeguarding policy? A. As a fellowship we don’t have our own safeguarding policy. We are informal group of people who meet regularly to help each other stay clean.
That being said we adhere to the safeguarding policy of the facility we rent space from. Which should be available to all and displayed on their notice board.  
As responsible members and groups we adhere to all safeguarding policies and protect the safety of vulnerable persons who attend our meetings. 
Also we would be bound to report any issues that were divulged regarding the safety of vulnerable persons and or minors to the relevant authorities.

Q. Do we have Regional Public Liability Insurance? A. No we don't. This has been investigated many times, including motions brought by Areas. The general consensus is that having national PLI is too expensive and too hard to manage with the ever changing number of groups and meetings. Groups and Areas continue to source their own insurance.

Q. Is the clarity statement approved literature? A. Here is a standard email we use when asked about a clarity or identity statement. I hope it proves helpful.Thank you for contacting NA World Services. In response to your query, the clarity statement or identity statement, as it is sometimes called, has many variations. Some can be tied to a World Service Board of Trustees' bulletin titled Some thoughts regarding our relationship to Alcoholics Anonymous, produced in 1985 and updated in 1996. While World Service bulletins are not Conference-approved, they represent the board's thoughts at the time of their publication. The bulletin in its entirety can be found at

The idea of creating a "Fellowship-approved" statement has come before the World Service Conference (WSC) several times. The following motion was presented at the 2006 WSC but was not adopted: "To direct the World Board to create a project plan for the development of a fellowship-approved Identity Statement to be presented at WSC 2008." The World Board did not support this motion. Their recommendation reads as follows:

 "While we do understand that some groups include an identity statement of some kind in their meeting format because they feel that such a statement helps to clarify the language and program of NA, we do not feel it is necessary to have such a statement become the focus of a world services project. Groups who choose to use a clarity or identity statement are free to do so; the principle of group autonomy ensures that. However, developing such a statement on a world level could imply that all groups should read such a statement, an implication we do not support."

The issue of language is an ongoing discussion in many NA communities, and there are varying opinions about what is and is not appropriate to say in an NA meeting. It may be helpful to consider that we are unaware of any specific mandate in our recovery literature requiring NA groups to attempt to govern, censor, or edit the use of specific language in NA meetings. That said, maintaining an atmosphere of recovery important to all of us. Here's how the Tradition One essay in our most recent book, Guiding Principles: The Spirit of Our Traditions, says on this matter:

 "When the group has an understanding of our Traditions and members are clear and focused, the message shines through. A clear NA message is a source and a reflection of unity. NA language is not a dress code or a requirement for membership, but clarity helps everyone to understand the message of Narcotics Anonymous. We use distinct language in NA, but we cannot expect people to know or understand this language when they first walk in the door. Being scolded or lectured rarely feels welcoming or helpful. The ability to say clearly and simply what we mean is the result of understanding. When we are helping others learn how to share, reinforcement is more powerful than enforcement. It demonstrates that we are listening, not just looking for an angle or an argument. When our divisions get the best of us, the message is lost, even if we say all the right words. We need all the tools we have to foster unity: our Steps, Traditions, and Concepts as well as empathy, patience, and courage."

 Additional discussions about sharing in meetings can be found in It Works; How and Why, Tradition Six, and Tradition Ten. Therein members are encouraged to ask themselves a few questions as a reminder that it is for the member to determine what and how they should share. Interested members may want to read those essays for an additional perspective on this issue.

Q. Which card machines are areas/groups using? A. the following 3 products would seem to be the best for us: they are Zettle, Square and SumUp, all have no contract and charge approx a 1.75% transaction fee, which is 8p every £5 which we think reasonable, the machines themselves cost £25 ish. The issue, of course is that they need to be hooked to a bank account, regardless of the name on the account, that is the members or the meetings, the signatories, or signatory, on the account remains liable for the account, but that would be the same for a bag of cash! So whilst more bureaucratic, it's less bulky.